Praxismaterialien für den schulischen und außerschulischen Einsatz

International Water Monitoring Day: „The Global Water Sampling Project“ – An Investigation of Water Quality


Alljährlich nach dem Weltwassertag am 22. März können SchülerInnen sich an einem weltweiten Monitoring-Projekt beteiligen.

From March 29 until June 4, 2004, students will team up around the globe to test fresh water. Join us in this collaborative project, comparing the water quality of your local river, stream, lake or pond with other fresh water sources around the world. The focus of the project is:

  • To assess the quality of water based on physical characteristics and chemical substances.
  • To look for relationships and trends among the data collected by all project participants.
All students are welcome to participate, however, it is recommended for high school students (ages 14–18) due to the nature of the tests required for the project. There is no fee to participate, however, please read the „Project Instructions“ area prior to registering for participation. This project is developed and managed by  CIESE: Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education which is located at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. You can learn more about this project and many other CIESE sponsored internet-based educational activities by visiting

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